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It is important to choose the gamble not to make too great a loss. We'll let you know that will give you some paris up to chance in the game of craps. The simplest and most widely used is the bet "crosses the line." Players place their bets in the area crosses the line before the throw of the dice.

If the seven or eleven comes out, bettors win their bets. For if it is against the 2, 3 or 12, players lose their Paris. If the four, five, six, eight or ten leaves, the number becomes the point of the player. It crosses the line wins if he manages to bring out the figure for September before his next projects. If not that is to say if the number seven is rolled first, the player loses the pass line. This bet is the basis for all others.

The bet "do not pass line" is the opposite of the bet "crosses the line." For the challenge of "exit" the principle is the same as betting "pass line" bets, except that players are placed in the zone out. The bet "does not come" bet is the opposite of "exit".

To save even more, each player can make a side bet with the bet "odds" and its variants. For the challenge of "fields", the bets are placed in the area fields. In addition, there is also the challenge "place" bet "buy" and the challenge "lay."

The figure can bet your winnings multiply by the number of outgoing digits. For example, a bet 7 will save seven times your bet if the number seven comes after the launch. Otherwise, the player loses the bet. To bet "any craps.

The player wins seven times his bet if the number 2, 3 or 12 out of the launch. Betting on "hard" is a bet that the numbers four, six, eight and ten out of the run as a double. With all these Paris, the game of craps you will experience an extraordinary sensation in online casinos. Learn the rules and operation of the game craps in this section. These explanations will help you familiarize yourself with this exciting game.

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