Playing Roulette Game

If you want such chips to 1 and 100 you give the dealer, you will receive 100 tokens. If you want chips 2, you will only receive 50 tokens. It gives each player tokens of different colors to allow the dealer to know that he must return winnings.

The dealer is also one of the chips on the edge of the table with a pointer that indicates the value of each color chip. The minimum Paris and the table limits are posted at each roulette table. The rules of roulette you can bet as many times as you want, within the limits indicated in the table, for each turn of the wheel.

To bet, simply place your bet on the numbers, a series of numbers, a color (red or black), as they appear on the board. After running the ball, the dealer announces that "the die is cast" and place a flag to mark the number that has been released.

Tokens corresponding to Paris losers are out of the table and the dealer pays the winners Paris. When the dealer is ready to restart the wheel, it asks you to "make your games." Placement and payment of Paris is longer than other table games.

With roulette, you're away from the excitement of the craps or blackjack. But if you are a neophyte in the world of casino games, the rules of roulette are easier and less intimidating to get started that is in the casinos.

This rule applies only on the outside Paris with a 1:1 ratio, i.e. the red or black, poor or password or even or odd. If you bet on one of Paris and the 0 or 00 come out, you only lose half of your winnings.

This version of the game reduces the house edge to 2.7%. The rule of abandonment is rarely available on the wheels with no double zero, where the house edge is already 2.7%. Before you start playing, check with the dealer if this rule is applied to the table.

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