Craps For Dummies

Walk into any casino in the world and there will be a buzz surrounding the Craps table. It is always the place to be. But just as eager as you may be to get into the action, your lack of awareness will also stunt your move forward. Some people freeze, others say they will just watch and try the game later. Either way they are missing out on a wonderful opportunity. Donít be afraid of Unibet Craps. You will be surprised how easy it is once you gain an understanding. Here is a very simple guide on how to play this wonderful game.

  • The betting surrounds the outcome of a roll of two die.

  • Each person can take it in turns to roll the dice. The person rolling the dice is know as The Shooter.

  • The Shooter will keep on rolling until they roll a seven in which case everyone loses and the dice are passed to the next person.

  • You place bets by putting your chips onto the table and telling the dealer what you would like to bet.

  • The Dealer and other players can help you if you are unsure as to what bets you can make.

  • If you are shooting, make sure that the dice bounce off the end of the table otherwise the roll is null and void and you will slow the game down.

  • Most players deem the word Ďsevení as bad luck, so try to avoid the use of the term.

  • Optimal strategy is simple. Bet the Donít Pass and/or Donít Come and back it up with laying the maximum odds.

Just a few simple rules to get you going. But remember the golden rules: Ask, ask and ask.

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