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Evolving in a very friendly game, learn to understand the different elements of bingo. Also try different variations of this game of chance that offer so much pleasure. Easy in every way, surely you will master the bingo time at all and you get used to the rhythm leading gradually as you settle into the game.

Two types of bingo are the most common: the bingo 75 ball bingo and 90 balls, which are identical, only the number of numbers changes. To explain the rules of bingo, so let's take for example the 75 bingo balls. A bingo ball is composed of 25 boxes that come in five rows and five columns. All fields have values ??other than a central box is left blank. Bingo there are a total of 75 numbers numbered 1 to 75.

The first thing you notice is that each column is designated by a letter which is ultimately the word BINGO. "B" for a column, "I" in column 2 and so on. These inscriptions are not just for decoration but are a benchmark to be at about the numbers.

The cards are then read from column to column. In addition, each of the five columns includes 15 successive numbers, or 5 groups of numbers: numbers from 1 to 15 in the first column, the numbers ranging from 16 to 30 in the second column, the numbers ranging from 31 to 45 in the third column, the numbers between 46 and 60 in the fourth column and the last group of numbers, from 61 to 75, is found in the fifth and final column.

The course of the game is like the lottery: Numbers are randomly drawn and the players are advertised or displayed on a numeric array. Players must then check the numbers that are present on their bingo grid, hoping to complete a grid first.

The main feature of the variants of bingo is the pattern or image to be solved from the numbers in the grid. All
issues of the grid are not check only the boxes that form the image requested must be considered. The difficulty then In the mode "Coverall" the game is simply to fill in all fields of the grid regardless of any model.

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