Popular Dice Games

The game of craps are practically the same in every casino, whether online or in theaters. To play craps, the materials used are very simple. The casinos just need two dice whose opposite sides of each must total the number seven, and also a table containing the locations of the bet.

And finally a wall called "board" against which the dice will be launched. The number of players is unlimited. As long as there is space, everyone can join the game table even if the party or the first draft is already running. Craps is a table game that is played with dice.

Hectic and fast-paced game, craps requires the participation of more players. Various kinds of bets are available for players to bet their chips. For any new player uninitiated, the rules may seem complicated but better to learn craps, there is no better school than playing!

Similarly, each player can leave the game at any time. The principle of the craps game is simple. The dice roll is in turn and in the direction of the clock hand. The chips must be wagered before each launch. The player must make a strong and direct fire so that both dice hit the board.

Three cases are possible. Neither of the two dice have hit the board. In this case, the player must raise the dice a second time. If one of the dice touch the board, the unlucky player loses the right to initiate and pass the dice immediately to the next player.

If after shooting the dice land on the corner, the decision to agree on a number belongs to the players. If no agreement is reached, any person makes the decision for them and decide how many cash. A player may also waive his right to start passing the dice immediately to the next player. That's it, the game of craps begins. The first launch of the player called "cast spells". Several Paris are available in a game of craps. Each player can bet he wants according to his inspiration or his luck.

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