Playing Online Blackjack

After choosing your table before the dealer deals the cards, you can start playing by placing your bet on the box assigned to you. Once all the bets, the dealer will award two visible cards to each player and to himself. One of the dealer's cards will be visible to all and the other will be returned.

If you play a European version of the game, the dealer will have only one card that will be discovered. If your first two cards you already have a total of 21 with an Ace and a face or a 10, we say that you have a blackjack. At a minimum, this will earn you one and a half times your original bet. The dealer will then have to pay you on the field before continuing the game with other players.

The game continues with the other players when all the blackjack were paid. The tour begins speaking with the player furthest to the left of the dealer to ask him if he wants an additional card to increase its total.

After receiving an additional card, a player can stop there if the total meets him, saying, "Stay," another request when his turn will come back and say "card" no more than a total of 21. If unfortunately, the total exceeds 21, the player must return his cards and lose the ante.

The donor is the last to speak, then it will show the other hole card. So that players always have a chance of winning, donors should stop to draw additional cards if the value of his cards is greater than or equal to 17.

In case of equality with the donor, your stake will be refunded. Giving up is not a recommended option because you lose half your original bet without fighting.

The decisions you make based on your first two cards face-up card and the bank are the only thing you need to do to the gaming table A method known as basic strategy of blackjack has been developed to using computers in the mid 80's and has been provided as the work pattern for each new player of online blackjack.

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